Dr.B.V. Girdhari 
M.A., Ph.D.

Ex-Government Authorised Translator, For Marathi<-->English.

Former Expert of Marathi Language,

Research & Recognition

Committe, University of Mumbai.

Former Chairman, B.O.S. Marathi, Mumbai University.

Formal Zonal Secretary, Gokhale Education Socity, Mumbai Region.

Former Principal, H.P.T./ R.Y.K. College, Nashik -422005

Former Vice-President,C.H.M.E.(Bhosala) Society, Nashik.

24 students of mine have been awarded Ph.D. & 14 students awarded M.Phil.Degree.

Famous orator on Mahabharat, Samarth Ramdas and various saints of Maharasthra.

Author of more than 15 books, more than 30 articles of mine have been included in prominent Marathi books. Have written forewards/prefaces for more than 25 Books.

Visit- bookganga.com and read e-books, reviews and also books on Wikimedia.

Books written by me

"Marathi Lekhan Shuddhi": Rs.60 only

"Arsa Adivasi Jivan Shailicha": Rs.150 only

"Rashtra Sant Tukdoji": Jan Jagran Karya: Rs 100 only

"Vishva-Vanvasinche": Rs.200 only.

"Samarthanche Samarthya": Rs.120 only, and many more.


"Sanshodhan Patheya: Dr.Girdhari Gaurav Granth"  

Editor: Prin.Dr.Dhanaji Gurav.

"Dr.Bhaskar Girdhari Yanchya Sahityacha Vivechak Abhyas" by Dr.Shakuntala Bhosle.

M.Phil Degree completed on my book "Arasa Adivasi Jivanshailicha"

Present editor of "Vanpunyai Magazine of Janjati Kalyan Ashram", Maharashtra.




Website: www.bvgirdhari.com 

Email: drbvgirdhari@gmail.com 

Mobile Number: 9823012301

Office Addresses

1. Nashik Office:

(Timings:11:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.) on all working days including Saturday and Sunday

Dr.B.V. Girdhari,

Vibha, Plot No.15,

Parnashri Society,

Opp. Krushinagar Joggers' Park,

College Road,

Nashik- 422005

2. Pune Office:

(Timings:5:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M.) on all working days including Saturday and Sunday

Dr.B.V. Girdhari  

J-1202, Asawari Building,

Nanded City, (Near Dhayari Flyover),

Sinhagad Road, Pune-411068 .

Contact Number: 9823012301

Send scanned documents on E-mail (drbvgirdhari@gmail.com) 

We only work online.

Show originals, pay charges & collect the translated documents.





Ex-Government Authorised translator, Government of Maharashtra

                                          Marathi to English Translation Service

                                                                                                       Standard Terms of Translation Services

  • These are translation services of Pune and Nashik (Maharashtra). We provide, translation services in Marathi<-->English and few other Indian languages.
  • We have a rich experience in the field of translation.
  • Ours is a team of experts from different Indian languages. 
  • Clients provide us with scanned copies of original documents, that need to be translated.
  • We provide the tentative cost and approximate time required for completion of the work.
  • We accept the scanned copies of the documents for translation and send the translated matter in the form of softcopy and hardcopy, if required, by courier (courier charges minimum Rs.300 within Maharashtra).In case the customer is unable to produce original document than, we put the following remark on the document: "Translation is based on the scanned copy sent". Also, the customer has to sign an undertaking declaring that they shall produce the original document whenever required.
  • If there are any modifications/corrections to be made in the translated documents, we are always open for the suggestions, provided that the translated document should be in accordance with the original documents.
  • Note: We accept only text documents. We shall not accept a document if it is not legible.

Terms of Payment (Negotiable)

50% of payment to be made at the time of commencement of the translation work. Balance to be paid after completion.

Translated documets shall be provided to client only after receipt of full payment.

We accept payment by GPay or NEFT.

Kindly contact us for further details.(9823012301)

We have a strong team of professionally qualified translators, who have mastered the nuances and peculiarities of their respective language and thus assure you the best of services! 


We are working in this field since 2005. We work for various individuals, companies, factories, agricultural and legal departments.






राष्ट्र संत तुकडोजी महाराज ; जन जागरण कार्य : इ बुक  व पुस्तक प्रसिद्ध /  दि .८-४-१६ 

1) Arsa Adivasi Jivan Shailicha

Marathi language improvement book available

2) Sanshodhan Patheya: Edited by Dr.Dhanaji Gurav.

3) Rastrasant Tukdoji Maharaj: Janjagaran Karya.

4)Dr.Bhaskar Girdhari Yanchya Sahityacha Vivechak Abhyas by Dr.Shakuntala Bhosle.

5) Vishwa Vanavasinche, published by Bhartiyvichar Sadhana, Pune 

6) Samarthanche Samarthya, published by Bhartiyvichar Sadhana, Pune